I am from Cincinnati, my birthday is August 26th, 1964. I was born in Good Samaritan Hospital. Good Sam is an old place directly across from Burnet Woods in Cincinnati on Clifton Avenue. My family has been in Cincinnati since the mid 1800s, mainly when Nicholas Fey arrived here from Bundenbach, Oldenburg. This was a Grand Duchy of the old Germany. They lived under the Grand Duke of Oldenburg. They probably came to the U.S. to make a better life for themselves.

My mother's family progenitor arrived on July 31, 1847 on the SS Washington at New York Harbor. It sailed from Antwerp, Belgium almost a month before. Georg Nortmann hailed from the Kingdom of Hannover in Northern Germany. He brought his wife, Elisabet and settled in Mt. Healthy, OH. They arrived during a severe cholera epidemic in Cincinnati, which wiped out entire families. But Mt. Healthy was spared, hence its name.

Their tombstone is a 11 feet high obelisk in St. Mary's Cemetery, Mt. Healthy. Many of their children and grandchildren are located here. While looking for it, I had to walk around it so much, and I couldn't find it. I almost gave it up and spotted the name I was looking for on it. I might post a pic of it some day.

I was born in August under the zodiac sign Virgo the Virgin.  I am not a good epitome of my astrological symbol as I am hardly a virgin.  =)

Virgos are loving but temperamental,  generous but selfish, wise but confused. 

Our sign has is known to be one of the most complex of the Zodiac, as I am proof of that.  We are resourceful, wise, tedious and sometimes called immortal.  We are sticklers to a fault, and that annoys many people. But, please be patient with us. We are a loyal and loving bunch. Maybe because our minds are so profound that this wisdom has to be ancient.  We are the service industry of the Zodiac and always aim to please.  Our usual task at hand is to give ourselves enjoyment by providing help to others..

My web cam and site (including my computer) is a constant source of enjoyment for me, I enjoy publishing and updating my pages, the cam brings this part of my world close to you. Over the past couple of years, my contacts online have brought me enough drama and love to write a book!

My height is 6'0 tall, my weight is roughly 175 lbs.  Trying to keep it solid!!...but what a task that is if you don't keep up. My eyes have been called strikingly blue.. I have a thick brow, and the dark hair there is a nice contrast to the blue of my eyes, my hair, once full but very very fine has receded a bit .. but what is left stays a nice light brown/blonde color.

My goatee and has a sprinkling of blond hair there which is very nice I think.

I can speak many languages as travel is one of my most favorite obsessions.  I love to visit new places and to see and meet so many new people and faces.    I was in the military from 1981 to 1986.  I spent time in Sicily and Germany, then off to the Highlands of Scotland. 

In 1985, I knew a guy who was not happy with the military.  He tried every ploy he could think of to get discharged.  Some genius told him he could tell them that he was gay and be discharged.  Well, after he admitted that to the military, they processed him for military other than honorable discharge.   The catch 22 to all of this was, when he confessed to his taboo secret gay desires, they interrogated him about his escapades with others on the ship.  Escapades which I was involved.  I was discharged from the military for being gay. 

I could have retired in 2002 with a retirement that would give me great benefits.  But I am not bitter now..  But then WOW  I could have killed him.  I explained to the Captain and others on the ship that I did not join the military to meet men.. Who does?  I joined the Navy to explore the world and to meet new people and to gain a valuable skill.

My languages include: 

English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Finnish, Russian, Greek and some Cambodian. I am pretty conversant in most of them, and have no trouble finding someone to practice with

I helped many Cambodian families during their exodus to the US in the late 70's, when the Tyrant Pol Pot ravaged Cambodian cities and rural area, annihilating entire populations of his countrymen to establish a New regime.. Such a horrible tragedy.

Even more so, when they arrived here with NOTHING.  I taught them English and they taught me humility and what its like to live in poverty.  Their strength and tenacity are amazing, and we all should learn from that. An old friend, Sok Hean from Battambang arrived here in October, 1981. He has owned his own home for many years now, and his daughters, toddlers when they arrived are now in college. Amazing what a bit of hard work will do for you. He worked at hotels all over Cincinnati, never complaining, but doing just what he had to do. Pretty simple but amazing concept. One some never grasp.

Please send me an email to zandraa@fuse.net to ask any more questions about me.. I will be glad to post them here.   Thanks for your support.  CaryRa 2002