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Week of July 19, 2002

I haven't been around in a while, and I keep explaining to you all what has been going on lately. If I am not here for a while, obviously there is nothing exciting going on in my life to share with you all. On Wednesday, July 17, 2002 I went to work as usual and was having severe stomach and/or abdominal pains. At first, I thought it was kidney stones or something to that degree. But after a while, I realized it couldn't have been kidney stones because that pain (if any of you have had them) is like someone taking knitting needles and shoving them into your flanks (sides). That pain I wouldn't wish on anyone. Finally, after lunch, I decided to head to the ER at University Hospital here in Cincinnati. After about 4 hours of waiting in the ER Waiting Room, they admitted me to the ER. They were pretty indecisive at first, because my pain was centrally located beneath my navel and above my privates. After x-rays, a lot of prodding and poking, they decided that I needed a CT scan to accurately decide a prognosis. Well, kiddies, in order for the CT monitors to function properly and get a good view of your innards, you must drink about a whole liter of this grape shit. That is the only way I could describe it. Warm, grape shit that resembled grape Slushie after you leave it in the cup for a while. Well, the CT scan showed there were lots of fat deposits around my appendix. (I knew it all along it was my appendix). So, I was scheduled for immediate surgery and my appendix was removed and I was in the hospital from 1:30 pm, Wednesday, July 17, 2002 until Friday morning, July 19, 2002. What FUN! Too bad they didn't give me the appendix in a jar and I would have scanned a picture for you all to gawk at!

Week of July 12, 2002

My dear friend, Ted Martin from Indianapolis was just murdered yesterday on July 11, 2002. His murder was senseless and caused by a doctor that was in love with one of Ted's tenants. He came to talk to Ted and ended up murdering him. I don't know how Craig is handling all of this, but you are in my prayers my friend. A memorial will be held on Sunday for Ted's memory. Please include him in your prayers. Thank you.

Week of April 28, 2002

Due to unexplained reasons, I haven't updated this page in about a year. So here it goes: I will try to give you an update of what's been happening with me lately over the past year. It should take up about two lines.. (just kidding). I will skip most of 2001, as it's past history and I promise to keep you better updated in the future.

September 2001

I moved into an apartment with an old friend of mine. He is originally from California, but moved here to good old Ohio to create a better life for himself. I have been to California, and I assure it you. I would rather live in California than Ohio, but who is complaining. He is a great guy, has more idiosyncrasies and quirks than I do, but we get along pretty well.

October 2001

I met a guy named Rob. Who is a dead ringer for Ben Affleck. But he was not Ben Affleck. Too bad. He was a cute and nice guy, but he wanted to be a drag queen. Since I am a gay man, and I prefer men, the thought of having my boyfriend kiss me with makeup and lipstick is not very appealing. Our relationship only lasted 2 months, but it was nice to have someone to hold at night and snuggle in front of the TV.

January 2002

Martin bought a house in the Northside district of Cincinnati. My friend said that it looked like his grandma's house, but it has a fabulous enclosed front porch (glass enclosed I should say, that is wonderful for enjoying the sun and wind, without having the bugs eat you alive)

March 2002

I had the opportunity to finally visit California for the first time. A great old friend of mine, Rod Barry invited me to go with him to the 2002 GayVN Awards which was held at the Universal Hilton Sierra Room in North Hollywood. What a blast, I got to meet so many porn stars that I have know and loved from the days. The only problem was is that I didn't recognize many of them, because they all had clothes on! (grin). I also visited my Uncle Mike who is a bartender at the Mineshaft in Long Beach. He is commonly known as Big Mike. He is a big leather daddy with a full moustache and beard. For those of you that like that sort of thing, stop by and say hello. Let him know his favorite nephew sent you! For a great place to stay in West Hollywood, try out the San Vicente Inn on San Vicente Boulevard, right off Santa Monica around the corner from the Rage. What a great place to swim, get laid or what ever floats your boat. I am glad I was there, I met so many nice guys and one of my favorite stars was there relaxing, but I can't say his name to protect his privacy. I must say, he is very well gifted and a nice guy to boot.

Week of March 22, 2001

Wow, time just flies doesn't it? SO much has happened since I last spoke with you. I have been feeling really good lately. Well, the alteraction that I mentioned back in January ended up in court, after I contacted my insurance agent who investigated the whole accident. I truly believe that the man in question was just out for the money, and the damage wasn't substantial enough for an insurance claim. He ended up getting about 400 dollars from me, on top of the 750 dollars in attorney's fees that I have to pay now. It was dismissed, but I was ordered to apologize in court. What a joke.

On January 22, I started working at the University again. In the same arena, but with a different company. I work for the leader in food service nationwide. They are a great group of people. I am doing most of the same thing, with some new twists. You can visit the new location of our retail locations at the new UC pavilion.

I am still spending alot of time in Indianapolis. This is a great city and if you are close you should check it out sometime..

Until next week, hugs and kissez from Cincy.

Week of January 11, 2001

Hello everyone, just a few things. I have been feeling much better now. I had a little alteraction with a man today. About 3 weeks ago, he approached me for sex behind the Dock. This is a large bar in Cincinnati, and sometimes people hang out in back of it, looking for a little pleasure. Well, I wasn't really interested in this person. He wasn't my type, etc. Well, we had a little fender bender and I thought the situation was settled. I was reluctant to give him my name and address, since HE JUST ASKED ME FOR SEX. I am living with my parents and that would not be a good thing for him to call or show up here.

Well I went to a fast food place today, and then suddenly this guy's head pops in the window and he starts hollering at me. Well I gave him my first name, insurance company and he took down my license plate number. I thought we had settled it. Since I hadn't heard from the insurance, I figured it was past. This guy starts screaming at me, so I took off. He started chasing me all over our business district in his car. I finally ditched him, but he saw me again. He was adamant about talking to me. I pulled into my lawyer's parking lot and he jumped out of the car. He had blocked me in, but I had room to turn around. He was jumping on my car and now he is trying to press charges that I tried to run him over. Isn't that crazy. Be careful who you encounter behind a dimly lit gay bar. They are probably homicidal and a lunatic.

Other than that, my life is pretty humdrum. I have been meaning to get some more thumbnailed hotties on my gallery. But I need to discuss this with my esteemed host Griffan. I am trying to keep his bandwidth down to a minimum.. I am just like a quiet little mouse on this end. hehe..

Have you visited his site lately? Well after you browse through here, check it out..

Week of December 21, 2000

Well, it has been a while hasn't it. In October, the last time I was here I was still living in Indianapolis. A great town I might add. Also the capital for histoplasmosis. I caught that shit there about October 15, 2000. It has taken me until now to get rid of it. It sunk me under the weather so bad, I had to quit my wonderful job at RCI and I hated that. Also, I had to move out of Ted and Craig's who I absolutely adore. I wish I had my scanner running so I could show you a pic or two..

Christmas is only a week away and I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Week of October 7, 2000

Wow!... so much has been happening lately. Around September 15, 2000, I resigned from my position at the Club Indianapolis. I was exhausted from the hours I worked there. Mainly the 12-8am shift and it was taking it's toll on me.

However, I did find a great place to work. It's called Resort Condominiums International, (RCI) and it's a membership exchange that allows members that own timeshares to exchange their week at their resort for a different, more exciting place.

I will mainly be working the members calling in, spacebanking their available weeks, and searching a wonderful, exciting vacation for them. It's based on commission, and their renewals, I know people that make a lot of money there, and I can't wait to become a part of it.

My love life is still humdrum. I am not sure what it could be. I don't think I am an unattractive person, I try to be friendly and helpful. I try to keep up with events, etc. But it's like that for a lot of people I think. I don't understand why I am one of them. Well, sorry to have taken so long to get here and update you all, who still come to read. If you do, please drop me a line sometime and let me know if you like my pages.

Have a Great Halloween. I know I will! BOO!

Week of August 5, 2000

So much has been happening...I am still in Indianapolis. Still having a great time and meeting such new and wonderful people. Still single though, but I have met so many handsome sweet guys. I am really wanting to be in a relationship though. I still love to look at men, apparently it's not time for that yet I guess.

I moved back up to the 86th street area in Indianapolis, with friends of Thomas. Their names are Colin and Scott and they are great guys.

I am now working at Club Indianapolis

Week of May 1, 2000

Hi!....What is up? Just starting a new week here in Indy.. I am currently on a job search. I was working temp agency here, but after 5 months, they determined that the job was over. I am still working with Charlie on occassion at the hotel, but I am looking more for something to be able to utilize my great administration skills, etc. I have hopefully a new love life happening. His name is Thomas and I think he is such a great guy. Tall, blond.. nice smooth body and very gifted.. =). He is intelligent and a nice guy, I hope that something might work out with him. My mind has been filled lately on how to try to invest and be financially literate. I think that is one of the dilemmas facing millions of people in this county, no one knows what the hell people say when discussing finanaces, stock markets, mutual funds, annuities, etc. I really wanna learn this stuff and start to invest my money in this. You can't work from week to week, month to month and expect to have anything. I have good skills and make decent money and I just spend spend spend. It sucks..

Haven't been getting much email lately.. =( Please stop by and visit me sometime.. Looking forward to hearing from you!..

Week of April 25, 2000

Hello there, after much anti - cee- pay (say it, say it) SHUN... I am please to show you all my web mastering skills. I finally was able to create a frames pages on the xedni page. This allows for easier access to the other pages without leaving the main navigation bar page. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I had trouble making it. It took a while to get the gist of it.

Spring is here and I am so happy to see the verdant growth all around. I am a lover of the seasons and Spring is one of my favorites. So, grab a beer, get by the pool and get outside for a while. You are only allowed to read this at night!... Enjoy yourself in the sun!!

Week of April 20, 2000

Wow, it has been ages since I have been here to greet you all.  Let's zoom back a few months and fill you in on my life, if you are interested I guess.  You wouldn't be here if you weren't, right?

On November 15, 1999 I resigned from my position at the University.  I had been going through some stress with them, and I felt it was time for me to move on.

I moved to Indianapolis, the heart and capital city of Indiana.  It is a flat place, surrounded by farmland, but Indy has a great scene here.  If you love Basketball, it's the home of Larry Bird's Pacers, and of course who could forget the famous Indy 500 is ran here every May.

Numerous museums, exhibits, theaters...etc are available to the mainstream heterosexual individual.

The ALTERNATIVE (I use this term very loosely) has a great number of bars to choose from:


Well, I think this page is going to turn into a mini-journal.  A place where I can place my thoughts and feelings about things..

This page is to help you get to know me a little better.  This wont take long I think, just a few tidbits about me and what I am doing here..

I am a pretty decent writer actually.  I love the spoken tongue.  I believe that all of us can try to communicate better.  There are great words out there that are never used.  Some people, I guess are afraid of these words.  They call them BIG WORDS.  I believe they are necessary to communicate properly.

Week of October 9th, 1999

I sometimes ponder what my life can do for someone else.  I feel so frustrated sometimes because I know there are so many talents and gifts I can offer to others.  I am so confused it seems, when I am not sure how to begin a project or how to make it worth my while.  At my job, for example.  My supervisors are dead-set against using any kind of email for communication purposes, while I have the best ideas on how to convey messages and files to help us all do our jobs more effciently.  But I always get vetoed out when it comes to my ideas.

Thursday Night.  Margaret Cho, a great comedienne was visiting Cincinnati and stopped by UC.  She has a great act.  Mainly she talks about her life and the people and circumstances she encounters.  Since I was told she grew up in San Francisco she has many, many gay friends.  She talks about being a women around gay men.  How the world should appreciate gay men, etc.  I thought she was great!

I have been having connection problems here in Indiana lately.. Thanks to Sprint or my ISP I don't know which one to blame.  But thanks to my esteemed host, GriffCam.  I am able know to upload my pic at 15 second refresh which will show you in even more rapid succession by pudgy belly.  I am sure that is what you come to see anyway, right?

Enough of this for now.  I understand why now.. People have such a hard time writing diaries.. Thoughts are meant to remain in the head I think.

Take care of yourselves. and write me PLEASE!!. I love to hear from you..